TS Partners is the largest independent provider of shareholder accounting software solutions focused on the Corporate Trust and Stock Transfer business.

Clients have available a comprehensive suite of applications that are purpose-built for stock and bond processing. Support and maintenance are provided from our headquarters location in King of Prussia, PA. Full-time client support specialists are available by phone or e-mail to answer application and system-related questions.

Flagship Products

The core of our business is the design and development of state-of-practice business software. All software development is done in-house by our experienced team. Our applications provide the tools to help leading Corporate Trust and Stock Transfer providers streamline and manage their business.

Stock & Bond Recordkeeping

TranStar is a single, comprehensive system for managing bond and stock transfer. Banks, transfer agents, and corporations use TranStar to streamline their bondholder and shareholder recordkeeping. TranStar’s superior functionality and browser-based platform make it the preferred solution for operations, administration and technology managers.

Web-Based Shareholder Access

LinkStar is a customizable web-based system that allows shareholders and issuers to directly access account information online. Whether it’s routine inquiry or proxy voting, each page can be branded to retain the look and feel of your home page, creating a seamless experience for your clients.

“Clients rely on TS Partners as a trusted ally in their efforts to grow their business and process it efficiently.

As partners in the relationship with Clients, we invest everything we do every day to ensure their continued success.”

Benjamin Goldfield

President & CEO

Supporting Products

We have developed a suite of complementary applications that introduce additional features and functionality to our core applications.

Outstanding Balance Monitoring System


RegiStar is an add-on Control Book module that seamlessly integrates with TranStar and controls Issued & Outstanding balance and reporting for issue-level activity processed on TranStar.

Investment Management System


VestStar interacts with TranStar to manage Lease and Financing agreements. The application tracks Aircraft and Railcar equipment-based transactions and manages Housing, Auto, and Vessel securitization packages. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) project funding is also supported.

USPS Address Verification


MailStar is a quality control, maintenance algorithm that interacts with a CASS certified database. Account holder information is automatically formatted according to USPS standard format that allows users to virtually eliminate returned mail and lost holders.


We believe in “old-fashioned” client service that provides rapid and accurate responses to telephone inquiries. Clients do not fight their way through voicemail or automated help systems but instead get a live response from knowledgeable support teams. We have never lost a client to a competitor, while we have converted many clients from other systems.

Certified Conversion and Training Process


DataStar is the end-to-end process to convert data to TranStar in a balanced, enhanced condition. Clients participate with TSP staff in the conversion and certify results. Formal and informal user training occurs during and following the conversion through a combination of online and on-site sessions.

After Hours Support Services


AssiStar is a service for scheduled and unscheduled support that can provide assistance with processing events and technology upgrades after hours and on weekends.

Electronic Forms and Filing Assistance


FileStar is a TSP-assisted process for electronic filing (submission and acceptance) of annual tax and regulatory filings with the Internal Revenue Service (1042-S, 1099 series, FIRE), Securities Exchange Commission (TA-1, TA-2, EDGAR).

With clients in the United States, Canada, and the Cayman Islands, TS Partners is the premier provider of stock transfer and corporate trust software solutions.

Our stock transfer and bond registrar/paying agent software is used by commercial transfer agents, corporations, national, regional and community banks, and governmental entities.