Stock Certificate Administration Software

Stock Works is the unique and often imitated software solution for small business designed to manage your entities, stockholders and certificates whether you work with C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC's or LLP's.

Do you want to know who owned the most shares at the end of the last quarter? Need to see the percentage of ownership of your company's shares by a particular family or individual? Want to send statements showing ownership and, optionally, current value of shares to all of your shareholders?  Save hours of work. No more gathering information from spreadsheets, ledgers, etc. to create reports. Stock Works can provide this information (and much more) quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price. 

Whether you are a Small Business Corporation, Small Community Owned Bank, Small Telecom, CPA Firm, Law Firm, or just someone that needs to manage your stockholders and stock certificate transactions, Stock Works will work for you.

Stock Works is the Standard

Experience the power and flexibility of Stock Works. It was developed by a Certified Public Accountant and it will enable you to track all of the important information related to your companies, stockholders and stock certificates at a fraction of the cost of the "large commercial applications".

We encourage you to compare Stock Works with any other software out there. Some companies will even try to charge you more according to how many companies you work with. As the number of companies you work with increases, so does the software cost. With Stock Works, you have the ability to enter an unlimited number of companies and stockholders as well as an unlimited number of stock certificate transactions.

Unlike the "large commercial applications", you will never be charged an annual user fee.

Key Features

Completely new Ribbon Type User Interface.
Search and go directly to the record you want.
Custom Stock Certificate Types can be added.
Comments or Notes can be added to the Stockholder or Certificate records.
Zip Codes are not limited to United State zip codes.
You can enter a State or a Province.
Utilizes the New Microsoft Access Database Format for data files.
All reports can be previewed, printed or exported.
Stockholder & Certificate Entry is automatically sorted by Last Name.
Your Excel Spreadsheet data can be imported to Stock Works.
Stock Works data can be exported.
Ownership Summary reports can be run with the Last Name or First Name listed first.
Mailing Labels can be printed for all or just current stockholders.
Mailing Labels can be printed with the Last Name or the First Name listed first.
Stock Works can be installed on a network or on a single computer.
You may enter unlimited companies, stockholders and certificate transactions.
Many useful reports are available or make your own custom reports by exporting your data.
User manual can be previewed or printed.
Maintains company, shareholder and certificate information.
Will perform all calculations. Only basic data entry is required.

Printing Stock Certificates

A question that comes up occasionally deals with printing stock certificates. As technology has advanced over the past decade, paper stock certificates have been steadily going the way of the dinosaur, currently accounting for less than 10 percent of the market.

Paper stock certificates are no longer required or necessary as proof of stock ownership and most stockholders no longer receive paper stock certificates representing their ownership. Instead, an electronic “book entry” is sufficient.

Today, a physical corporate stock certificate showing your corporate shares is really just a feel good thing. You don't really need them, but if you still want them and feel the need to print your certificates, please see our Frequently Asked Question regarding stock certificate printing.


Stock Works Version 8.0 takes advantage of the latest format and technology and you will find it very easy to work with. Users are pleasantly surprised at how easy the application is to use. It does most of the work for you so after you have either imported your existing data or entered company and stockholder information and all of the stock certificate transactions to date, Stock Works can perform many calculations and prepare many reports that you used to have to try to do manually.

Stock Works is compatible with the following Windows Versions: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

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